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About Jennifer Noda

Jennifer resides in Alexandria near her studio and gallery at the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Old Town.  Her career as a 3-Dimensional artist began as a dancer and choreographer.   She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a BFA in Dance and received her MA in Choreography at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. 

After sustaining injuries during her career of dancing, choreographing, and teaching, she began to look for alternative ways to be creative that were not so taxing on her body.  She currently uses a combination of mediums (Paper, wood, clay), and techniques which produce her own style. Her movement background is reflected in her current work in terms of line, flow and balance, as well as the use of an experimental creative process.

Jennifer Noda

Shadowbox 2

  • Acrylic on wood

“The main inspiration for my work comes from Shinrin-Yoku, the Japanese term meaning ‘Forest Bathing’, or taking in the forest atmosphere for health and wellness benefits.  The experience of being in nature is truly at the heart of my creative process. It helps me find inspiration both in the physical form and also as a tool to process my ideas as they come to mind. 

My shadowbox series was inspired during a family camping trip.  One evening I was in my tent gazing up towards the sky.  There was a slight breeze and I could see the shadows of tree branches moving in the moonlight.  It was mesmerizing and the tent’s canopy became a kind of movie screen.  The use of reflection in the shadow boxes picks up light and colors from the room, and changes as the viewer moves around.”

Shadowbox 2