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Student Activities Offices

Our Student Activities Offices work with students, faculty and staff to organize a variety of campus activities and events. We want to integrate social, cultural and recreational experiences into the college experience, creating well-rounded students who become leaders and members of their community.

If you have questions about campus activities, events or if you would like to join or start an organization, contact your campus Student Activities Office.

Bisdorf Building, Room AA 134
Phone: 703.845.6218
Email: TBA
Maps & Directions

Howsmon Hall Room 108A
Phone: 703.257.6665
Email: Marcie Schreibman
Maps & Directions

Food Services Building, Room CF 232
Phone: 703.323.3147
Email: Tom DiCato (Events and Activities)
Email: Jessica Gardner (Student Clubs)
Maps & Directions

Room HE 140
Phone: 703.822.6598
Email: Pat Martin-Mattocks
Maps & Directions

Room LR 142
Phone: 703.450.2616
Email: Tiffney Laing
Maps & Directions

Room 158
Phone: 703.878.5729
Email: Matt “Tank” McCarl
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Extended Learning Institute
Phone: 703.425.5489
Email: Amanda Morley

If you have questions about college-wide activities or events contact:

Brian Anweiler
College-Wide Student Activities Coordinator

Alexandria Campus, AE 214
Phone: 703.845.6206
Email: Brian Anweiler