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Scholarships Tips

A number of civic, business and social organizations in the Northern Virginia area contribute funds for scholarships. Many of these scholarships are managed through the Northern Virginia Community College Educational Foundation. Selection of recipients is made by the Student Financial Aid Committee throughout the year. Announcements of scholarship opportunities are posted at each campus in a location near the Financial Aid Information Service and on the College Financial Aid Office.

All scholarship applicants are strongly urged to apply for all forms of student financial aid by completing the NVCC application process as outlined in the Student Financial Aid Services brochure. Grants, loans, and work-study opportunities are available from the state and federal governments and Northern Virginia Community College for qualified applicants. The brochure and application forms are available from the campus counseling centers.

The following guidelines are recommended when applying for scholarships offered through the NVCC Educational Foundation:

1. Complete the NVCC Scholarship Application (NVCC 125-73 Rev 12/05) and/or application form as required by the donor of the scholarship. Publication forms are available from the Financial Aid Information Service, Counseling Center, College Financial Aid Office, or from NVCC’s financial aid website.

2. Seek clarification regarding eligibility criteria for the award.

3. Be sure your essay describes your educational goals and how the scholarship will help you to achieve them. Address any deficiencies in your academic history. Emphasize any compelling reasons for your need of this award. Use only the space provided on the Scholarship Application (125-73, Rev 12/05). Attachments will be destroyed and may disqualify your application!

4. Make sure that your essay is grammatically correct. Use complete sentences and proper punctuation. Proofread your essay for spelling errors.

5. Type or print your essay. Use a black pen. Typed or word-processed applications are preferred. Make sure that your essay is legible. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Neatness counts!

6. Seek the help of an academic advisor or assistance from the Learning Lab or Writing Center if available on your campus. If this assistance is not available, ask a friend to read and proof your essay. Remember you are competing with many other scholarship applicants. Present yourself well.

7. Be sure to return the Scholarship Application and any references or other required documents prior to the deadline. These should be returned to the College Financial Aid Office. The deadlines may vary each year. Generally, the announcements are posted during the late fall semester and the applications are due mid spring semester.

8. Be cautious about scholarship scams! Be aware of the following statements:

  • The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.
  • You can’t get this information anywhere else.
  • You will need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship.
  • We will do the work for you.
  • The scholarship will cost some money.
  • You’ve been selected” by a National Foundation” to receive a scholarship or
  • You’re a finalist” in a contest you never entered.