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Deposit Machine Instructions


The machine does not give change. Use $1, $5, $10, $20 bills only or exact change. There will be no refunds.

To deposit money into your NOVACard account:

  1. Insert your card picture side up.
  2. Choose Option #2: "Deposit cash into account."
  3. Insert bills.
  4. The screen will indicate the amount deposited.
  5. Select "Done" from the menu when finished.
  6. Remove your NOVACard and receipt.

To check your balance:

  1. Insert your card picture side up.
  2. Choose Option #1: "Balance Inquiry."
  3. The screen will indicate your current balance.
  4. You may select to print a receipt.
  5. Remove your NOVACard and receipt.

Deposit Machine Locations

CampusDeposit Terminals
Alexandria AA Cafeteria 1st Floor, AA Library 2nd Floor
Annandale CG 3rd Floor Library, CT 1st Floor
Loudoun LC Cafe 1st Floor, LW OCL 230 2nd Floor, LR 241 2nd Floor, LC Library 2nd Floor
Manassas MH Cafeteria 1st Floor
Medical Education HE Library 3rd Floor
Woodbridge WC OCL 3rd Floor, WAS Library 2nd Floor