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Interpreter Services

Students With Disabilities

With commitment to the values of access, opportunity, student success, and excellence, the mission of Northern Virginia Community College is to deliver world-class in-person and online post-secondary teaching, learning, and workforce development to ensure our region and the Commonwealth of Virginia have an educated population and globally competitive workforce. Our array of comprehensive programs and services facilitate learning and workforce development in an open-access environment and through lifelong educational opportunities.

How to request services:

The following forms are required to help us provide you with effective and quality interpreter services while attending NOVA.

Please fill out each area as it applies to you and schedule a meeting with a disabilities counselor on your campus of choice.

It is important that we receive this completed packet at least four weeks in advance of your first class. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that you will have an interpreter for the start of your classes.

NOTE: Some areas ask questions about other disabilities that are in addition to hearing-impairment. Completing this packet will not qualify or provide you with accommodations for these other disabilities. You will still need to meet with the disability counselor in order to arrange for any other accommodations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Additional Resources

ISO Staff Interpreters

Kelsea Lee
Laura Ogborn

Interpreter Services Office
7630 Little River Turnpike
Suite 306
Annandale, VA 22003
Phone: 703.323.3187