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Student Resources

Assistive Technology encompasses equipment and software designed to address the needs of individuals with disabilities in order to assist them in their college education and/or career management. Assistive technology is one of the tools Northern Virginia Community College uses to provide equal opportunity to students with disabilities.

Examples of Assistive Technology that may be available at NOVA:

  • Alternate Keyboards
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Audio Books and Reference Materials
  • Graphic Organizer Software
  • Note-Taking Devices or Equipment
  • Screen Readers and Magnifiers
  • Speech to Text Devices and Software
  • Text to Speech Devices and Software

For examples of current technology tools available at NOVA, click here.

NOVA Definitions of Accommodations provides faculty, staff and students with guidelines for some of the most common accommodations provided by NOVA that are listed on the Memorandum of Accommodations (MOA).

Affordable Colleges Online is an organization dedicated to providing free higher education tools and information for current and future college students and their families. They recently published a new resource for students with disabilities called Making College Affordable: A Guide for Students With Disabilities. Multiple experts in the field with experience in academia, financial aid and law contributed to the content in this resource guide, including:

  • Advice and resources for loans and scholarships available specifically for students with disabilities
  • A comprehensive list of the best schools for disabled students, evaluated by each institution’s disability services
  • Distance learning tips for students with disabilities
  • Job resources for students with disabilities
  • Additional helpful resources

Personal Care Assistant Agreement is a form that any student who requires the support of a PCA must have signed by the PCA and bring to the office of the Disabilities Counselor at the campus they attend. The Disabilities Counselor will explain every responsibility to make sure that both the student and the PCA understand what their role is when helping a student with a disability.