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Campus Career Resource Center

NOVA’s Career Resources
NOVA's Student Service Offices, Career Resource Centers, or libraries contain helpful career-related services and resources. Career resources include access to Internet websites, books or publications that can benefit your career research or job search efforts. Examples include  the Occupational Outlook Handbook and the Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance. The Student Service Office at each NOVA campus should be contacted for career service and resources specific to that campus. 

Job Search Assistance
Through individual appointments; workshops and classroom presentations; and web/printed materials, career counselors can assist student’s job search preparation in such areas as resume-writing and job correspondence; networking; and interviewing. NOVA's Job Readiness Training Program is a great place to begin your job search efforts.

Career Courses
Here's a sample of student development career courses that can assist your career needs, with the details available from each campus:

  • SDV 195 - Topics in: Career Counseling  (1 cr.)
  • SDV 101 - Orientation to Education (or Health Care, or Info Tech) (1 cr.)
  • SDV 106 - Preparation for Employment (1 cr.)
  • SDV 107 - Career Education (2 cr.)
  • PSY 106 - Experiences in Personal Growth (3 cr.)

Online Career Resources
In the CareerStart website under Student Services, there are a multitude of links to websites focused upon getting to know oneself (self-assessment) finding employers, performing career research and locating job listings.

Workforce Development/Continuing Education as an option
The Workforce Development/Continuing Education offices at each campus sometimes offer career-related programs or classes under General Interest. Click here for links to the Workforce Development/Continuing Education offices at NOVA.