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Corporate Engagement

We are passionate about developing new partnerships in our region.

At Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), our customers are both students and employers. We have a new vision for how employers work with education partners like us. We enable companies to connect directly with today’s students and the workforce of tomorrow. Working with companies, we identify current and future business needs and develop strategies that complement the innovation that lies at the heart of our region’s economic competitiveness.

Engagement Opportunities

Connecting students to employment is part of our core mission. Through outreach and one-on-one consulting, we help thousands of companies recruit and hire directly from our programs. A real-time online database allows companies to match with students who have commensurate skill sets and interests with current job and internship opportunities. Our team also supports connecting our interested partners with opportunities to support professional development workshops and seminars with our students.

Career Services

Members of the business community serve on curriculum advisory boards for career and technical curricula offered at the College. Committee members are selected from career fields that are directly related to the career objectives of programs at NOVA. These committees provide the guidance necessary for planning new programs and ensuring that courses and programs continue to provide instruction in the skills suited for the job market in Northern Virginia.

Curriculum Advisory Board

Our apprenticeships are designed with the goal to respond to emerging and current industry and labor market trends and deliver quality talent with relevant skills the moment it is needed.

Our guaranteed advantage of the program is that all training and program development are industry-centered, led by instructors who are highly qualified with real industry experience. Apprenticeships are a unique avenue to reach diverse pipelines including new hires, career changers, veterans, and incumbent workers. By blending core elements of an apprenticeship with 21st century delivery models, the result is an apprenticeship built for the modern student, the tech-driven company, and the changing economy.


As a pathway institution, the impact of corporate and private gifts to Northern Virginia Community College is seen in more than dollars. It is visible in faces. It is found in lives. Gifts become textbooks for students, professional development for faculty, and even an opportunity for students to participate in research internships with NIH, or present at national conferences on their school research. Gifts can evolve into student programs, computers, buildings and campuses. Your gift impacts the parents who may not have achieved their educational goals, their little brother or sister who now dream of going to college, and the student, who now have a pathway to their future.

Through scholarships, gifts provide time for students to spend on nursing clinicals instead of on waiting tables, time for studying accounting instead of maintaining lawns, time for learning how to prevent cyberattacks instead of babysitting. For many students, your gifts make a college degree possible.

For more information about strategic giving opportunities, please visit the NOVA Foundation website or contact foundation@nvcc.edu.

NOVA Foundation website

Everything we do is data-driven. Through real-time job market analytics and economic modeling, we create a sharp image of the regional economy and the status of our talent pipelines. Then, we act based on the data. Our labor market research not only helps to balance the supply and demand of talent, but it also transforms career and technical education as the pathway to in-demand careers.

Learn more about how we use data for good, for business, for learning, and for economic development.

Labor Market Research