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Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline

If you are aware of or have concerns about unethical, illegal or irresponsible activity (ex. fraud, waste or abuse) we encourage you to report the issue to eliminate further occurrences by:

What Is Considered to Be Fraud, Waste or Abuse?


Intentional deception by an individual(s) or organization(s), internal or external to NOVA, that could result in a tangible or intangible benefit to them, others, or NOVA or could cause detriment to others or NOVA. Fraud includes false representation of a matter of fact by words or conduct, false or misleading statements, or concealment of that which should have been disclosed, which deceives and is intended to deceive.

Examples of Fraud:

  • personal use of state-owned vehicles
  • personal use of state-owned supplies or equipment
  • violations of state procurement policy
  • excessive or unnecessary purchases
  • falsification of official documents (time sheets, leave reports, travel vouchers, etc.)
  • contract fraud
  • conducting personal business on state time
  • inappropriate expenditures
  • embezzlement

Intentional or unintentional, thoughtless or careless expenditure, consumption, mismanagement, use, or squandering of resources that is harmful or potentially harmful to NOVA. Waste also includes incurring unnecessary costs as a result of inefficient or ineffective practices, systems or controls.


Excessive or improper use or to employ something in a manner contrary to the natural or legal rules for its use including intentional destruction, diversion, manipulation, misapplication, maltreatment or misuse of resources. Extravagant or excessive use as to abuse one‘s position or authority.