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Guide for Learning from Home

Student Readiness for Remote Instruction

Things You Must Know How to Do

Which of the following are you sure you know how to do so you can participate when your class is temporarily online?


__Access Canvas Get to CANVAS through myNOVA on the college website. If you are not currently using CANVAS, see the tutorials at Canvas Student Resources There is also a mobile app.

__Submit an assignment online through CANVAS

See the tutorials at Canvas Student Resources

Access Email

__Use your official student email

Yes. You should be checking your student email and CANVAS daily.

Submit Paper Assignments

__Submit an assignment you have done on paper

Consider taking a picture of it with your phone or even a camera (if you still have one). There are also free apps for phones that let you use your camera to create a pdf of a paper document. You can attach the picture or pdf to an email or submit it through CANVAS.

Online Discussion with Canvas

__Participate in an online discussion

Most online discussions will be done through CANVAS. See the tutorials for participating in a CANVAS discussion at Canvas Student Resources 
Your instructor may give you instructions for using Zoom, or email, or another method for participating.

Live Class Session Using Zoom

__Use Zoom to participate in a live class session

Zoom is an online meeting tool that lets you join through your computer, phone, or both. There is even a mobile app. Students can even use it for group projects and help sessions. See the Quick Guide for more information.

Help from a Tutor

__Get tutoring help

If you need extra help with content in a course, or some general study help, online tutoring through is free and available 24x7 for most subjects. You get to through the link in your CANVAS course. For more information on how to chat with an online Drop-In Tutor, have writing reviewed in the Online Writing Center, or use other online tutoring Services visit
Tutoring Services. There is also a mobile app. Campus Tutoring Centers may also offer online tutoring, check the NOVA Tutoring website.

Take a Test

__Take a test online

Your instructor will give you instructions on how to take your test or exam online. Depending on the course, you may need to use a special link in CANVAS to access the exam.

Library Resources

__Use the library when a campus is closed

The NOVA Library has an extensive collection of electronic library resources you can access from any location. There is also live help through Ask a Librarian available. Go to for links, tutorials, and more help. Also consider using local public libraries that also have a large collection of electronic resources you can access remotely.

Contact Your Instructor

__Get help from your instructor

If your class is using CANVAS, you can use it to contact your instructor. Your instructor may also have online office hours. You can email your instructor (see the Directory on the website if you need the email address). You may want to suggest using Zoom if you need help where working a problem or viewing something together is needed. Zoom has a mobile app, too. See the Quick Guide for Zoom at

Send Large Files

__Send a file too large for email

If you are using Canvas and your file is too large to submit, upload it to your Google Drive and submit from there. See for help. However, if you are using email and the attachment is too large, use NOVA’s myDrive. See for instructions and help. If there is not enough storage in CANVAS, use Google Docs to store it. It is easy to pull from Google Docs into CANVAS. See information on Google Tools, and for help with CANVAS.

Google Docs and Tools

__Access Google Docs and Google Tools

You have access to Google Docs and a lot of very useful tools through the free Google Apps for Education. See for more information and help. Also see the “hamburger” icon (the 9 dots) on the right side of the Chrome Browser. You can find free tools there as well.

Reset Your Password

__Reset your password

There is a link to reset your myNOVA password on the login page. Be sure your challenge questions are set up in advance so it will recognize you. Get help at

Technical Help

__Get technical help

The IT Help Desk is available to help you with technical issues. You can find the knowledge base and other resources to let you solve many of your own problems on their website at . From that portal you can create your own trouble ticket asking for help. You can also check their site at for additional links and helpful information.

Find a Computer

__Find a computer

If you do not have your own computer, you may be able to use your mobile phone to participate in classes while they are remote or get help using mobile apps. If you cannot do that, consider computers at public libraries, or asking a friend or relative to let you use their computer to download or submit assignments or participate in an online discussion. You can also check with your instructor to see what other options might be possible during the temporary move to remote instruction.

Get Latest Information

__Find out the latest official college information about remote instruction or campus closings

Check the college website, CANVAS, and your student email.