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Need Help During Remote Learning?

How to Get Help with Your Classes During Remote Learning

  1. First, reach out to your professor. The faculty will walk you through how to access the material, answer questions about assignments, or help you better understand the content just as they would in a face-to-face class. Instead of walk-in office hours, they have virtual office hours now.

  2. Do you need help with writing assignments or are you struggling in a specific course? Please check out our Virtual Tutoring Services. Our writing centers can help you in any part of the writing process, from brainstorming to organization to making sure the essay answers the question at hand. Our tutoring services can help reinforce ideas from your other subject languages. If you are learning another language (ESL or a World Language) there is specific help for those as well.

  3. Are you working on a research project or need to use library resources? NOVA librarians are available to help you figure out search terms or which electronic resources would be best to use as well as how to use them. Visit the Library page to get the help you need.

  4. Are you struggling to manage the amount of coursework required or any external stressors? Counselors will work with you to apply time or stress management techniques. Get in touch with a counselor here. If you think you maybe overly anxious, exhibiting signs of depression, or other high levels of stress, you can also self-refer to NOVA Cares, who will contact you with mental health referrals.

  5. Is technology not working for you? Our IT Help Desk can troubleshoot with you. You can reach the IT Help Desk online or by phone, or you can access CANVAS help guides and Zoom help guides.

  6. Are you in need of academic planning? Maybe you are trying to decide if you should earn a letter grade or have a pass/fail grade. Or perhaps you are ready to register for next semester. Contact your advisor for help. Please review your academic advisement report by following these directions. Then schedule a time to check in with your advisor who can help you decide which classes to take next semester and how they fit into your NOVA, career, and transfer plans.

  7. Are you struggling with guilt, anxiety, or other types of stress? You can self refer to NOVA Cares.

  8. Are you experiencing any financial hardships? Single Stop can connect you with resources in your area for food, housing, transportation, mental health and physical health resources. Find the community resources you need.

  9. Did you have an accommodation prior to the switch to remote learning? Please reach out to your disability counselor to ensure that you have the necessary tools for your MOA to be met.

  10. Are you receiving financial aid and unsure how the online learning is impacting you? Touch base with our Financial Aid team or call the 24-hour Student Support Center at 1.855.323.3199.

  11. Are you receiving military or veteran benefits and unsure how the online learning is impacting you? Visit Military and Veteran Services.

  12. Finally, are you just uncertain where to turn? Hopefully you have met an advisor, faculty member, or NOVA staff member who has been helpful in the past. Feel free to email them and they should be able to connect you where to go. Or, call our Call Center to see where you could be directed for help. That number is 703.323.3000.