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Guide for Working from Home

Things You Must Know How to Do

If you have not done all of the following during the past two months, here are some tips to help you.

Learn Zoom

__ Use Zoom. Visit the Academic Continuity site for guides and tutorials on Zoom.

__ Share a screen shot or document while on a conference call from home.

Zoom “How Do I Share My Screen?” video.

__ Set up a conference call from home.

Zoom “Scheduling Meetings” video.

__ Participate in a webinar from home without a separate microphone.

Dial in from your mobile or home phone.

Create a PDF in Adobe Acrobat or MS Word

__ Create a PDF at home.

From MS Word or other apps, click File > Print > Select Printer: Adobe PDF.

__ Edit a PDF at home.

You can use Adobe Acrobat DC if you have it. You can also use MS Word. In MS Word, go to File > Open > select the PDF to edit.  It will be converted to a MS Word document.  Edit it, then save it as a PDF.

Scan Documents with Your Mobile Device

__ Scan and email a document from home without a scanner.

Download one of the free apps for your mobile phone that acts as a scanner by using the camera and creating a pdf.

Learn Canvas

__ Log into CANVAS.

See the CANVAS training page at https://online.nvcc.edu/canvastraining/

__ Use a CANVAS Guide.

See the CANVAS Training page, and look under Resources for “Canvas Guides.”

How to Log Into your VCCS Account

__ Log into your VCCS Gmail account.

Log into myNOVA and click Gmail.

__ Access saved documents from a college drive from home. It is not possible to remotely access your office PC.

Watch for more details coming very soon on new ways to access your files.  If you are storing them on your PC hard drive, you cannot access them remotely.

Change Your Passwords & Unlock Your Account

__ Change your nvcc.edu password on your own.

Use myPassword. Go to https://www.nvcc.edu/ithd/faculty/pass.html . 
Do it now, because you have to set it up from on campus or using VPN.

__ Change your VCCS password.

Click the link on the myNOVA Login page.

__ Unlock your NVCC account.

Use myPassword. Go to https://www.nvcc.edu/ithd/faculty/pass.html 

Do it now, because you have to set it up from on campus or using VPN.

Things You Should Know How To Do

Access Library Resources

__ Use an electronic resource from the NOVA Library.

See the NVCC Library website https://www.nvcc.edu/library/ and the Library Resources page within every CANVAS course.

Use Infobase

__ Log in to Hoonuit (Atomic Learning) to solve a software problem.

Go to https://www.nvcc.edu/ithd/faculty/training/infobase

Access Camera & Videos

__ Create and shared a video from home.

Use the camera on your mobile phone.  Probably too big for an email attachment, so use the Share option and get a link to it from cloud storage, or save it to a cloud drive like OneDrive and get a link to that one video you can share.  Also, upload it to Studio in CANVAS or share it on Zoom.  Watch for more tips on video storage.

__ Watch a video on YouTube.

Visit YouTube.com

How to Handle Documents

__ Read or edit a Google doc.

Go to https://www.nvcc.edu/ithd/apps/index.html 

__ Save documents to a cloud drive outside the college.

Google Apps & MS Office 365

If you do not already have a cloud drive you use regularly, watch for more details coming very soon on how set up and use one for free.

Audio Tools & Voicemail

__ Use earphone, earbuds, or headset on your mobile phone.

You probably have the original earphones and mic that came with your mobile phone.  If not, check the dollar stores.  You do not need to spend a lot.  It makes using your phone at home much easier if others are around.

__ Receive voicemail on your mobile phone.

Sometimes, voicemail can be turned off if you change carriers or have done a reset. Check settings on your mobile phone if you are not sure. You may want to customize your greeting, too.

Using Apps & Get Text Alerts

__ Download an app to your mobile phone.

Make sure you know the password for downloading to your device.

__ Receive text alerts from NOVA Alert.

Register your email address and add your phone number. See NOVA Alert Tips (PDF)

Update SIS and Login to myNOVA

__ Update your personal information in SIS.

Login to myNOVA, click on HR and make the changes under Personal Information.

Technology Tools Guide

Also, be sure to download and read the complete Technology Tools for Faculty and Staff.