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Power Up Your Pedagogy Conference

The 13th Annual
Power up your Pedagogy (PUP) 

Annandale Campus/ Ernst Center
Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is pleased to announce the next PUP conference addressing the theme: 

Fostering A Culture of Care 

You are cordially invited to submit a presentation proposal for the conference by November 1, 2018

Based on the conference goals, session topics may address a wide range of active and high-impact practices in teaching and learning. Proposals should note methods and strategies used in the classroom and beyond, which reinforce this year's theme including following concentrations: 

Contributing to a Changing College Community
Proposals in this area should address needs or opportunities to forge new connections with faculty, staff, or administrative colleagues and actively support each with interdisciplinary committees, projects, or initiatives especially those that have resulted from our "One NOVA" redesign.

Promoting Student Wellness, Success, or Investment 
Panelists should address ways in which students invest in or take ownership of the learning process through practices like project-based learning, TILT (transparency in learning and teaching), reflective writing, or critical thinking strategies as well as ways in which faculty can foster academic success by addressing students' hierarchy of needs. 

Identity Outside of NOVA 
Who are you when you are not teaching or serving students? Whether you represent a regional or national professional organization, publish creative or scholarly work, pursue a passion, hold a full-time job, or continue your education, we invite you to find connections among colleagues, consider how these practices have shaped you in your current role, and share your stories of lifelong learning. 

Equality and Inclusion in Teaching, Learning, and Advising 
How do you create identity-affirming environments that foster high expectations, recognize the value of the cultural and national differences that learners bring to the educational experience, and address the "whole" student in teaching, learning, and advising processes? Panelist in this area should demonstrate how intentional practices can transform teaching, learning, and advising processes and promote more equitable educational outcomes among students. 

Creating Coherent Pathways
NOVA is rethinking and restructuring how students connect to, enroll in, progress through, and successfully complete their goals, with a focus on the partnerships and pathways that support strong transitions throughout students' educational journeys; this includes providing continuity between departments and divisions, across educational institutions, and among community organizations and employers. Proposals in this strand should focus on existing pathways and opportunities for future partnerships that support strong transitions as student move through their education. 

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