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Transfer from NOVA

Transfer from NOVA

Since admission policies and program requirements vary among four-year colleges, all students need to be acquainted with the specific requirements of the college or university of their choice. Students should consult and work closely with counselors and/or academic advisors in transfer planning and for designing an appropriate NOVA program of study.

NOVA offers transfer programs that lead to the associate of arts (A.A.) degree or the associate of science (A.S.) degree. These programs are designed for students who plan to complete the freshman and sophomore years of college work at the community college and then transfer to a four-year college or university to complete the junior and senior years of a bachelor’s degree. Some four-year colleges will accept certain associate of applied science (A.A.S.) and associate of applied arts (A.A.A.) programs, but each institution has a different policy.

The College transfer website, is a good first stop in planning one's transfer from NOVA to a four-year institution. Guaranteed admission and articulation agreements, four-year school transfer guides and admission information, campus transfer events, and more, are all linked on this site. After viewing the site, a follow-up visit with a campus transfer counselor is recommended.

Only courses with a grade of “C” or better are accepted for transfer even if the student has an A.A. or A.S. degree. Students must submit a completed transcript request form online through NOVAConnect or to a NOVA Student Services Center to have an official copy of their transcript forwarded to the intended transfer college or university.

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) and the State Board for Community Colleges have endorsed a State Policy on Transfer. This policy gives guidelines for Virginia community colleges and state-supported senior institutions on admission of transfer students, acceptance and application of transfer credits, services for and responsibilities of transfer students, and guidelines for students who transfer without an A.A. or an A.S. degree.

Guaranteed Admission and Transfer Articulation Agreements

NOVA has formal guaranteed admission and transfer articulation agreements with many institutions. These agreements detail the terms of transfer for NOVA students completing associate degree programs. They define the way courses, programs, or entire categories of programs transfer to another institution and may include admission guarantees. Counselors can provide students with more specific information on how these agreements relate to individual transfer plans. For a current list of agreements, visit the transfer services website.