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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

When College officials award credit, degrees, and certificates, they must assume the absolute integrity of the work students have done; therefore, it is important that students maintain the highest standard of honor in their scholastic work.

The College does not tolerate academic dishonesty. Students who are not honest in their academic work will face disciplinary action along with any grade penalty the instructor imposes. Procedures for disciplinary measures and appeals are outlined on the Student Handbook website. In extreme cases, academic dishonesty may result in dismissal from the College. Academic dishonesty, as a general rule, involves one of the following acts:

  • Cheating on an examination or quiz, including giving, receiving, or soliciting information and the unauthorized use of notes or other materials during the examination or quiz;
  • buying, selling, stealing, or soliciting any material purported to be the unreleased contents of a forthcoming examination, or the use of such material;
  • substituting for another person during an examination or allowing another person to take the student’s place;
  • plagiarizing, which means taking credit for another person’s work or ideas. This includes copying another person’s work either word-for-word or in substance without acknowledging the source;
  • accepting help from or giving help to another person to complete an assignment, unless the instructor has approved such collaboration in advance;
  • knowingly furnishing false information to the College; forgery and alteration or use of College documents or instruments of identification with the intent to defraud.