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Statement of Values

Statement of Values

Our Commitment

We, at Northern Virginia Community College, are committed to our students, to our community, and to each other. We are committed to excellence in education and take pride in our educational mission as a significant extension of the democratic tradition, and we remain true to the ideals and principles of that cherished tradition. The foundation of our institution is the unique diversity of educational experiences we provide for the community, shaped by our dedication to teaching and learning and to the values that we share.

Our Shared Values

Opportunity with Excellence

We are committed to providing open access and promoting equality for all who seek to improve their lives.

We are committed to offering a wide variety of programs and services within the means of all residents and with each having its standards of excellence.

We encourage our students to take advantage of opportunities and to fulfill their potential in aesthetic and cultural enrichment, technical knowledge, personal growth, understanding of the basic academic disciplines, and recreational and avocational pursuits.


We believe that the residents of Northern Virginia, both individual and corporate, should help shape the programs, courses, and services of the College. We are committed to listening to the community and inviting its participation in shaping the programs and services of the College.

We believe our worth as a community college is measured by the quality and timeliness of our response and service to the community. Comprehensive Educational Programs We see learning as an end in itself, as the most practical means to a full life, and as essential to improving the quality of life of the individual. We value our comprehensive programs—liberal arts and sciences, career and technical education, continuing education, developmental education, specialized educational services, and student services—and hold all to be of equal distinction and prominence.

We believe each aspect of our comprehensive educational program has high value to those served; therefore, we advocate the offering of these comprehensive services alongside each other and in a unified educational setting.

We are foremost an institution focused upon teaching—we are dedicated to teaching through varied approaches and to upholding innovation with free, open discussion of ideas and values.

Caring Environment

We believe in the worth, dignity, and human potential of each individual who participates in the programs and services of the College.

We recognize our responsibility to build and maintain a College environment that encourages all individuals to realize their potential and to provide the diverse learning support and growth opportunities each person needs to be successful.

We are committed to maintaining a caring environment for all those associated with the College—students, faculty, staff, and the community in general.

Public Trust and Responsibility

We are committed to individual and organizational performance that builds and maintains public trust and confidence.

We hold ourselves accountable for attaining management, operational, and fiscal practices that are efficient and effective.

We are committed to high ethical standards, equal opportunity, and effective involvement in and support for local community activities and economic development.