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Nonpayment of Debts

Nonpayment of Debts

Continued attendance at NOVA is dependent upon proper settlement of all debts owed the institution. Should a student fail to satisfy all due and payable amounts for tuition and fees, College loans, College fines, dishonored checks, or other debts owed the College, the student may be withdrawn from his or her courses. The student would be assigned “W” grades for his/her courses, and those will become part of the official transcript. When the debt is satisfied, the student may petition the dean of students to have the “W” grades removed and to be reinstated in his/her courses. Until all current debts have been satisfied, a hold will be placed on the student’s records, and he or she will receive very limited College services. See Holds on Student Records/Service Indicators.

If the College has agreed to accept tuition payment from a student’s employer or other third-party provider, and the tuition is not paid within the required time, the student is responsible for the tuition payment. As stated above, continued enrollment is dependent upon proper settlement of the debt. If not paid, the student may be withdrawn from his/her courses. For students who are withdrawn, the debt to the College is not forgiven.

In addition, the College reserves the right to pursue payment through debt collection services and other lawful means. Debtors are subject to late fees and collection costs.