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College Catalog 2018-2019

Geospatial Specialization
Associate of Science Degree
Offered through LO
CIP Code: 45.0101

Purpose: This program is designed to prepare students to transfer into baccalaureate programs in the geospatial or social sciences at a four-year institution. Students will develop both the theoretical knowledge and a practical facility with geospatial systems.

Transfer Information: Since four-year colleges can vary their course and GPA requirements, please consult a counselor or academic advisor regarding specific requirements and course selection.

Recommended Preparation: Satisfactory completion of the following high school units or equivalent: 4 units of English; 3 units of mathematics (Aalgebra I-II and geometry); 1 unit of laboratory science; and 1 unit of social studies.

Two Years Credits
1st Semester
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
GIS 101 Introduction to Geospatial Technology I 3
1MTH 154 Quantitative Reasoning or higher 3
2___ Physical or Life Science Elective w/Lab 4
SDV 100 College Success Skills or SDV 100 1
Total   14
2nd Semester
3ENG 112 College Composition II 3
GIS 200 Geographical Information Systems I 4
ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Application and Concepts or 3
1MTH 245 Statistics I or higher 3
2___ Physical or Life Science Elective w/Lab 4
Total   17
3rd Semester
4___ Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
5CST 110 Intro. to Speech Communication 3
GEO 200 Introduction to Physical Geography 3
GIS 201 Geographical Information Systems II 4
6HIS Elective 3
Total   16
4th Semester
ENG 200-Level Literature Elective 3
GIS 203 Cartography for GIS or 3-4
  GIS  205  3-Dimensional Analysis  
7PSY 200 Principles of Psychology 3
8___ Social Science Elective 3
8 Social Science Elective 3
Total   15-16
Total credits for the Geospatial Specialization =62-63

1 Many universities require MTH 154 or higher while others require MTH 161 or MTH 162 or higher, often including a statistics course for majors in the social sciences. It is, therefore, important that students confer with a counselor to determine the appropriate mathematics courses for their intended transfer university. Credit will not be awarded for both MTH 261 and MTH 263. Credit will not be awarded for both MTH 262 and MTH 263.

2 See biology, chemistry (excluding CHM 101–102), ENV 121–122, physics, geology, or natural science courses with a lab component, listed under General Education Electives. Some four-year colleges require a two-semester sequence. Consult GIS faculty advisor for details.

3 ENG 125 is a preferred course if transferring to George Mason University. Students considering transfer should consult an academic advisor to select the appropriate course.

4 See humanities/fine arts courses listed under General Education Electives. Electives should be selected with advice of a counselor or academic advisor to meet requirements of transfer institution. ART 101, ART 102, or CST 130 is recommended.

5 Select from the following: CST 100, CST 126, or CST 229.

6 HIS 101, HIS 102 or HIS 112 is recommended to meet the Western civilization requirement at many universities.

7 SOC 200 is recommended to meet the Sociology requirement at many universities.

8See social/behavioral science courses listed under General Education Electives.