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NOVA 2012-2013 College Catalog


Each campus provides a number of services designed to help with your education, career, and personal development. Counseling, testing, faculty advising, job counseling, student activities, and information about the College are explained in this section. Other services such as admissions and records are explained elsewhere in this catalog.

The NOVA Student Handbook provides additional information about the College. Student activities and organizations are described. Food services, bookstores, parking regulations, and the statement of student rights and responsibilities are included. Copies of the Student Handbook may be obtained in the Student Activities Office or online at http://www.nvcc.edu/resources/stuhandbook/.

The dean of students on each campus is responsible for most of the student services. Contact the dean or members of the Student Services staff to take full advantage of these opportunities for assistance. If taking courses through the Extended Learning Institute, you can use the student services offered at any campus.

Student Rights and Responsibilities
Counseling Services
Academic Advising
Career Development Services
Degree Progress Report
Disability Services for Students
Graduation Application
Health Services

Safety Information
Sexual Harassment
Student Activities
Student Development -New Student Orientation
Student Development Courses
Substance Abuse
Technology Support and Guidelines
Tuition Benefits for Survivors of Deceased Public Safety Officers of Virginia
Voter Registration
Military and Veterans' Support- Concurrent Admissions Program
Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program
ROTC (Army/Air Force)
Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC)
Veterans Affairs Office
Veterans Benefits
Virginia Army National Guard Educational Benefits
Student Consumer Information