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ADHD Coaching


Denny Bausch
Phone: 703.878.5663 (Voicemail) or 703.878.5715
Office: Room 402H, Woodbridge Campus
Email: or

ADHD/ADD Challenges

  • Focusing attention, sustaining attention and shifting attention at will
  • Planning, organizing and following through to achieve goals
  • Prioritizing and goal-setting
  • Memory and time
  • Relationships and self-esteem
  • Hyperactivity − physical or mental
  • Perfectionism (black and white thinking)
  • Motivation
  • Procrastination

You Would Benefit From Coaching if You

  • Miss classes, deadlines
  • Turn in late or incomplete work
  • Have disorganized course materials or lose things
  • Put off starting assignments or studying
  • Put off work until the very last moment
  • Forget homework, assignments, test dates
  • Have weak lecture notes or no notes at all
  • Don’t break projects into manageable parts
  • Don’t accurately gauge amount of time needed to perform tasks (studying for an exam, taking
    notes, reading assignments, writing papers)
  • Don’t concentrate in class – mind wanders and cannot be focused without extreme effort, if at all
  • Blame mistakes on others or situations “out of your control”
  • Don’t apply learning to new situations
  • Fidget or talk too much during class
  • Don’t have (or don’t use) a planning/schedule book
  • Arrive late to classes (“it’s not my fault”)

Common ADHD/ADD Myths

  • ADD is outgrown.
    False: ADD is NOT outgrown. You are ADD forever.
  • Only boys are ADD.
    False: Both males and females are affected, although it is often
    more difficult to detect in females.
  • Only children have ADD.
    False: If it isn’t outgrown, then it stands to reason that adults are
    also ADD.
  • ADD is a sudden epidemic -- it seems like everyone is ADD!
    False: The number of people with ADD has not suddenly exploded. It has always been around; we just used different labels to describe people with it --“creative types,” “dreamers,” “absentminded
    professors,” “flibbity-gibbitts,” “those who march to a different drummer,”
  • ADDers are just lazy.
    False: ADDers work 10 times harder than most people to achieve half the results! They aren’t
    “lazy”; they’re exhausted!
  • Drugs are overprescribed for ADD.
    False: They are UNDER-prescribed!
  • Drugs don’t help.
    False: Although some people don’t respond to ADD medication, many medications (new ones
    are created all the time) help a great deal. In fact, the most recent study, tracking several
    hundred ADD adults over a decade, showed that those people who progressed the most, and
    achieved more of their goals were those adults on medication and also working with an ADD
  • ADDers are stupid!
    False: In fact ADD students are often among the brightest and most creative! Did you know
    that Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Robin Williams, Robert Kennedy, Tom Cruise, Whoopi
    Goldberg, and Leonardo da Vinci are all ADDers?