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Business Office Staff

Michael Blackwell
Business Manager
Room: WC 231A
Phone: 703.878.5701
Fax: 703.670.3889

Ash De Furia
Executive Assistant to Business Manager
Room: WC 231B
Phone: 703.878.5782
Fax: 703.680.7713

Mission Statement

The Campus Business Office supports the overall mission of Financial and Administrative Services which is to provide a physical environment conducive to, and supportive to the college educational mission, and to provide financial and administrative support services to the college community by:

  • Planning, developing, maintaining and insuring the use of college-wide financial and administrative support services in a timely, economical and effective manner, and to develop and implement corresponding policies so as to promote:
  • the delivery of the basic facilities, services and supplies necessary for faculty and staff to carry out the college's educational mission;
  • the creation and maintenance of constructive human relations and conditions in which employees may achieve self-development goals in line with the college requirements;
  • a safe, healthy, efficient and productive working environment;
  • the appropriate introduction and utilization of technology, and the effective use of information in the conduct of the college's educational mission;
  • a stable but flexible, well-informed, motivated and productive work force.


The major challenge for the Campus Business Office over the next few years will be to balance the need for improved services with minimal or no growth in resources.

The Campus Business Office is committed to delivering quality services with increased attention to customer satisfaction. It will be necessary to establish service standards through a process of evaluating and prioritizing service needs. These service standards will be communicated to the campus community.


  • Understand and anticipate the direction of college programs, the needs of faculty, staff, and students and the changing environment, and develop high quality responsive strategies and solutions based on established priorities and available funding.
  • Establish standards of service for each area of responsibility.
  • Ensure that supervisors manage their assigned resources within clearly designated areas of authority and responsibility, and are held accountable.
  • Encourage appropriate Business Office staff collaboration in the management process, especially in areas affecting the quality of work life, and foster a climate at all levels in the Business Office that encourages open communications, productivity and innovation. Staff are expected to participate in the planning process at the appropriate level.
  • Develop methods and systems to improve and streamline Business Office operations and to measure and control those operations to provide performance feedback.
  • Plan, develop and maintain a series of actions to support staff development.
  • Foster cost-consciousness in the Business Office staff in particular, and the campus in general.
  • Communicate the Financial and Administrative Service's service objectives, standards, requirements, policies and procedures to the college community.
  • Comply with all mandated programs.
  • Increase the use of technology in Business Office operations.