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Master Math Lab

Master Math is Northern Virginia Community College’s developmental math program.  It consists of ten units, taking students from Whole Number Operations through Functions, Quadratic Equations, and Parabolas.  Students get personalized assistance when they need it and computer based instruction when they do not.  They spend an equal amount of time each week in the classroom and in the Master Math Lab.

The purpose of the MASTER Math lab

  • for campus developmental math students
  • there is always help in the lab from Faculty, Lab Personnel and Tutors
  • students can:
    • work on homework
    • complete quizzes and tests
    • view PowerPoint’s and videos
    • complete notes and turn them in for grading before taking quizzes
    • get help as needed

 The MASTER Math lab hours

  • 9 AM – 9 PM Monday – Thursday
  • 9 AM – 3 PM Friday and Saturday

 The MASTER Math lab location:

  • Inside the library in the partitioned off area behind the circulation desk.