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NameDisciplineAdvises Area(s)PhoneEmail
Nauri Ahmed Accounting Business (ACC, BUS MNGT, ADMIN) 703.878.5650
Dr. Chris Arra Psychology Social Sciences (PSY) 703.878.5643
Dr. Ed Banas Accounting Business (ACC, BUS MNGT, ADMIN) 703.878.5633
Kim Crawford Administration of Justice ADJ 703.878.5649
Dr. Mark D'Antonio Business & Finance Business (BUS MNGT, ADMIN) 703.878.5789
Virginia D'Antonio Sociology Social Sciences 703.878.5637
Margaret Davies Psychology Social Sciences (PSY) 703.878.5638
Dr. Charlie Errico History Social Sciences & Business Administration 703.878.5639
Frank Ferrara Business Business (BUS MNGT, ADMIN) 703.878.4648
Bobbie Gershman Accounting Business (ACC, BUS MNGT, ADMIN) 703.878.5855
Dr. Alicia Grodsky Psychology Social Sciences (PSY) 703.878.5636
Pat Healy Information Technology IT 703.878.5648
William Howes History Social Sciences 703.878.5624
Charley Kellermann Information Technology IT 703.878.5628
Laura Kelley Information Technology 703.878.5647
Bipin Khana Economics Social Sciences & Business Administration 703.878.5644
Lori Krist Information Technology IT 703.878.5881
William McLaughlin Information Technology IT 703.878.5691
Diane Mickey Administrative Support Technology AST/Business Management 703.878.5631
Eloise Newsome Information Technology/ Administrative Support Technology IT 703.878.5629
Jerry Newsome Economics Social Sciences & Business Administration 703.878.5641
Jacquelyn Peterson Business Business (BUS MNGT, ADMIN) 703.878.4642
Walter Pehrsson Information Technology IT 703.878.4519
Alice Reagan History Social Sciences & Business Administration 703.878.5645
Lisa Riggleman-Gross Sociology Social Sciences & Business Administration 703.878.5642
Dee Simmons Business Business (BUS MNGT, ADMIN) 703.878.5634
Dennis Staszak Administration of Justice ADJ 703.878.5864
Charles Taylor Contract Management CON/Business (ACC, BUS MNGT, ADMIN) 703.878.4654
Susan Thompson History Social Sciences 703.878.5632
Cedric Wilson Psychology Social Sciences (PSY) 703.878.5869
Michelle Worth Accounting 703.878.5635
Paula Worthington Information Technology IT 703.878.5630