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Student Life

The Office of Student Life has a variety of clubs and organizations. If you are interested in joining an organization, please contact the Student Life Office (703.822.6598), pick up information in HE 140, or click on the clubs and organizations link to contact the appropriate advisor. If you do not find a club or organization that suits your interests and would like to start one, please contact the Office of Student Life and pick up a starter kit.

Student organizations at NOVAserve as a valuable educational part of student life. They offer students the opportunity to participate together in governmental, cultural, political and/or special interest or issue settings, and to assume various leadership roles in carrying out the mission of the particular organization.

Our student organizations are an excellent way to meet new people and learn more about the campus. In addition, student organizations are a place where you can try out new interests and gain new skills. They also enhance your education and can provide you with valuable leadership experience. Holding leadership positions within an organization adds valuable experience to your resume.

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