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Faculty & Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Andino-Rexach, Germaine Student Services Receptionist 703.822.6547
Barker, Nathan Student Services Specialist/Enrollment Svcs 703.822.0015
Carbo, Jose A. Student Services Specialist/Enrollment Svcs 703.822.6530
Espinoza, Rafael   MEC Evening Administrator 517.379.1016
Giles, Dietrich Lead Financial Aid/Veterans Specialist 703.822.6540
Hemmelman, Mindy Transfer and Career Counselor 703.822.6529
Magalong, Philip   Disability Support Services Counselor 703.822.6633
Martin-Mattocks, Patricia Student Life Coordinator 703.822.6598
Miller, Twana Adult Career Coach   703.822.0046
Nieto-Shahsavarian, Maria Dean's Assistant/Program Mgr. 703.822.6537
Nicely, Kimberly Coordinator of Program Admissions & Student Engagement 703.822.6662
Page, Bridget Academic Advisor 703.822.6634
Riemer, John  Financial Aid Specialist 703.822.9056
Robinson, Angelique Campus Registrar 703.822.6658
Robinson, Sherri Anna Coordinator of Counseling 703.822.6531
Roy, Dana Academic Advisor 703.822.6597
Shine, Tonda Retention Counselor 703.822.6532
Thompson, Kathy HS & Community Outreach 703.822.0047
Veney,  M. Beatrice Dean of Students 703.822.6537
Williams, Bernadette Student Services Specialist/ Enrollment Svcs 703.822.2714