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K-12 Outreach

There exists a current and projected growing Health Care Workforce Shortage around the country and here in Northern Virginia. According to a study conducted by the Northern Virginia Health Care Workforce Alliance:

  • There is an estimated shortage of about 2,800 professionals in the 24 job categories studied--an average vacancy rate of about 10 percent
  • This vacancy rate, without interventions, is anticipated to grow to over 41 percent by 2020 for the 24 job categories studied.
  • If this trend continues as forecasted access to health care services, quality of care and quality of life may be negatively affected.

Clearly NVCC, working independently, cannot have a significant effect on this crisis, but it can do so in alliance with other educational segments (especially K-12) and with private business and philanthropic partners.

K-12 outreach at the Medical Education Campus seeks to increase health career awareness with elementary, middle school, high school students, community based organizations and families. These contacts may include, but are not limited to, such activities as our Health Careers Expo, Parent Open House, CampMed, counseling/advising, informational workshops and school visits.