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Faculty and Staff

Nursing Office Room Work Phone Email Address
Dr. Ann McGowan
Interim Dean of Nursing
HE 205C 703.822.6695
Patricia King
Executive Asst.
HE 205 703.822.6698
Victoria Blount
Acting Assistant Dean
HE 326A 703.822.6588
Velery Brown
Administrative Asst. - 1st Year
HE 316 703.822.6519
Suhel Dakwala
Administrative Asst. - 2nd Year
HE 318 703.822.6649
Eric Shaw
Administrative Asst., Accelerated Tracks
HE 326 703.822.9044
Daria Amato HE 318D 703.822.6589
Dr. Fonya Atabong HE 326E 703.822.2727
Dr. Sue Bhati HE 326I 703.822.2729
Rita Boamah HE 326A 703.822.2726
Dr. Candace Cane HE 316B 703.822.6591
Brenda Clark HE 326G 703.822.9051
Georganne Curtin HE 326B 703.822.2088
Fahmeen Faruki
NUR Counselor
HE 303 703.822.6526
Kenya Fluellen HE 326A 703.822.6581
Judy Gunther HE 326J 703.822.6643
Anne-Mette Harding HE 326G 703.822.6672
Dr. Kathy Hausman HE 303 703.822.2021
Olayemi Ikhile HE 303 703.822.2725
Ann-Marie John HE 316D 703.822.9055
Dorothea Johnson HE 326A 703.822.2082
Ann Krantz HE 326F 703.822.2091
Dr. Mary Moseley HE 318C 703.822.6645
Khalil Nader HE 326C 703.822.9049

Noreen Nutting HE 316F 703.822.6584
Dr. Kathryn Patterson HE 316E 703.822.2090
Dr. Mary Pat O’Brien HE 318A 703.822.6586
Dr. Omobola Oyeleye HE 316E 703.822.2019
Christine Slevin HE 318E 703.822.9046
Ava Smith HE 326A 703.822.2728

Campus Laboratory Staff

Esther Abisogun HE 161E 703.822.2014
Dianne Barrington HE 232 703.822.6606
Gloria Brennen HE 160 703.822.9043
Don Johnson HE 160 703.822.6518
Mary Ellen Krolman HE 232 703.822.6566
Angela Brocker HE 232 703.822.6592

NOTE: Faculty home phone numbers will not be given out. Please leave messages via office voicemail or email. Thank you.