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Emergency Medical Services Lab

medical campus labThe mission of the Emergency Medical Services Lab (EMSL) is to provide students in the emergency services field the tools and equipment necessary to become successful in their learning experience.

EMSL students are given the opportunity to learn and perform a variety of hands-on training. There is no guarantee that every student will experience all that is taught during clinical rotations. One of the benefits of incorporating simulated experiences is it allows students to hone many of the skills required in practice prior to actually coming in contact with the patient.

A shared course calendar is now available under the EMSL calendar link. Faculty and staff will be asked to provide an updated course schedule and any additional requirements to the lab manager as soon as they have been assigned. The calendar is monitored daily to help ensure all updates and requests are completed in a timely manner. To reserve the required lab equipment for that session, click the Online EMSL Request Form link in the Helpful Links box on the right.

Lab Manager/Training Instructor: Shannon Oswald
Phone: 703.822.0016

Please review the Simulation Center Policies and the EMS Lab Guidelines and be sure to check the acceptance box on the form when finished. Your request will not be processed if the acceptance box is not checked.

To use the CSC, you must reserve time on the calendar. The calendar is updated regularly to help determine when the center is available. To reserve the center, click on the Online CSC Request Form Link in the Helpful Links box on the right. The EMS lab manager is available to perform the scheduling feature if desired.