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EMS Lab Guidelines

The following guidelines are being made to ensure all persons understand their rights, roles and responsibilities while working in Room 174, the Emergency Training Laboratory.


  • Shall be accompanied by a faculty/staff member while in the lab and storage rooms.
  • Are not allowed to remove/check out any equipment from the EMS inventory.

Faculty/Staff Personnel:

  • Shall have full discretion as whether to allow food/drinks during their classes.
  • Are required (Section 12.80 Administrative Services Procedures Manual) to complete and forward all requests to borrow school equipment through the lab manager. Request shall be no less than 48 hours notice from date requested.
  • Faculty/Staff offices to include personal work stations should not be used without expressed permission of those individuals.
  • Only trained faculty/staff are allowed to operate simulators, computers and equipment.
  • Lead faculty/staff are responsible for insuring all classroom doors are secured at the end of each class session.
  • Lead faculty/staff are responsible for insuring all their assigned lab equipment is returned to its original location at the end of each class.


  • Damaged or lost equipment will be reported to the lab manager via email (online forms link) by the end of the work day.
  • All assigned equipment and corresponding pieces shall be wiped down, washed and/or secured in their proper working order for future use by others.


  • Personal items left in the classroom will be turned in to lost and found at the end of the following week.
  • All items in the refrigerator will be removed every Friday for cleaning. Condiments must be dated when they were placed in the refrigerator to remain in the refrigerator.
  • Cover food you cook in the microwave.
  • The coffee pot, filter and table must be cleaned after each class use.
  • All tables and chairs shall be put back in their original position at the end of each class session.