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Distinctive Programs - Manassas

Explore the many areas of study, certificates, degrees and distinctive programs offered at Northern Virginia Community College's Manassas Campus.

Automotive Technology
Find a job as an automotive technician with a degree or certificate from this program.

Get your degree and Get a JOB at THE Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as a laboratory, research or manufacturing technician.

Developmental Mathematics
Improve your math skills and prepare for college-level coursework with these non-credit classes.

Early Childhood Education
Explore a career working with children in a care setting or as an early childhood educator or teaching assistant. 

English as a Second Language
Improve your communication skills with intensive and part-time reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation classes.

Honors Program
Enrich your studies with the challenging coursework offered through the campus Honors Program.

Physical Education
Work at a health club or recreational facility as a trained fitness instructor.

Get your certificate and find employment as a welder, quality control inspector, equipment salesman or lab assistant.

Learn more about these and other programs. View the College Catalog.

General Info.: 703.323.3000