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Faculty Resources

Makeup Test Drop-Off Procedures

  • Makeup tests must be sent to us with this Makeup Testing Guidelines and Request Form completed in its entirety specifying the name of the student to be tested before the student is scheduled to take the test. 
  • Please ensure that tests are available in the Testing Center before sending students to The Testing Center.
  • The Testing Center does not provide in-class proctors or to provide makeup testing to an entire class.
  • Each test for each student must be accompanied by its own completed request/information form with the student’s name and the test information on it. 
  • Please use a separate form for each student and each exam.
  • We cannot accept tests via email. 
  • Students found cheating will not be permitted future use of Testing Center services.
  • The Testing Center will not release any testing materials (including take home tests) to students.  
  • The Testing Center cannot collect homework or other assignments from students.

Test Pick-Up Procedures

  • You must drop off or pick up tests during Testing Center office hours.
  • Initial and date the Makeup Coversheet and leave the form with a Testing Center staff member.
  • Uncompleted exams will be returned at the end of the following semester.

Finals Week

During finals week we do not proctor instructor makeup tests except for students with documented disability accommodations.

Instructor Resources

Scantron machines are available in both division offices (MC231 and MC330). Division offices will provide you with scantron forms and item analysis forms.