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Nonpayment of Debts & Holds on Student Records - Manassas

Continued attendance at NVCC is dependent upon proper settlement of all debts owed the institution.  Should you fail to satisfy all due and payable amounts for tuition and fees, college loans, college fines, dishonored checks, or other debts you owe the College, you may be withdrawn from your courses.  Until all current debts have been satisfied, a hold will be places on your records.  A hold will restrict you from registering, having transcripts or grade reports issued, or receiving other college services. Disciplinary action, academic suspension, or dismissal will also result in a hold on your registration.

The College may utilize collection agencies and offsets of state income tax returns to secure payment of indebtedness.

If the College has agreed to accept tuition payment from your employer or other third party provider, and the tuition is not paid within the required time, you are responsible for the tuition payment. As stated above, continued enrollment is dependent upon proper settlement of the debt. If not paid, you may be dropped from your courses. If you are dropped, the debt to the College is not forgiven.