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Quiz: Which Program is Right for You? - Veterinary Technology Program

1. Is your career goal to become a veterinarian?

Yes- Then this is probably the wrong place for you.  The veterinary technology program here at the NOVA will give you an associate’s degree in applied science and educates you to become a veterinary technician, not a veterinarian.  A bachelor’s degree or higher is required for admission to most veterinary schools.  Therefore, our degree program would not suit your career goals if you plan to be a veterinarian.

No- Then this might be the right place for you. A veterinary technician is a professional educated to assist the veterinarian, often analogous to the physician-nurse relationship. If your career goal is to be part of the veterinary health care team in the role of veterinary technician, then this is the right program for you. Continue on to see if you would fit into our traditional on-campus program, or into our online distance learning program.

2. Do you work in a veterinary hospital 20 hours per week or more?

Yes- The online program requires that the student be working an average of 20 hours or more in a veterinary hospital.  You may be a candidate for the online program. You may still be able to attend the on-campus program but you would have to change your work schedule to accommodate the class schedule each semester.

No- The online program requires that the student be working an average of 20 hours or more in a veterinary hospital. Since you do not work, then the traditional on-campus program is the choice for you.

3. Are you willing to drive to the Loudoun campus 3 to 5 times per week?

Yes - The traditional on-campus program requires class attendance several times a week so this requirement would not be an obstacle to you. 

No - Then the traditional on-campus program is not for you.  In the online program, most of the course materials are delivered via the internet and do not require weekly class attendance on campus.  HOWEVER, please note that although the online program does not require regular attendance to class, it does require an average of 2 to 3 visits to campus each semester. The first semester requires an average of 5 visits. So if you live some distance away, you would still need to travel some to campus each semester.

4. Do you need the structure and face-to-face interaction that a classroom setting provides?

Yes- Then the traditional class room environment of the on-campus program would be better for you.

No- Then the online program may work for you.

5. Are you comfortable using computer technology and the Internet while working independently?

Yes- Then the online program may work for you.

No- Then the on-campus program would be better for you. However, please note that you are still expected to have computer competency and be able to access many course materials via the internet.

6. Do you want to complete the Program as quickly as possible?

Yes- The on-campus program curriculum is completed in 5 semesters (includes summer semester) which takes 2 years. If you wish to complete the program as quickly as possible, then the on-campus program is for you.

No- The online program is completed in 8 semesters (includes 2 summer semesters) which takes 3 years. If it is not important to you to finish the program in 2 years, then the longer 3 year time span of the online program would be acceptable to you.

7. Have you ever successfully completed an online course?

Yes- Then you can have some confidence in knowing that you can be successful learning with this method and may be well suited to the online program. However, be honest with yourself. Even If you were successful, if you struggled with time management, procrastinated until deadlines to do your coursework, then you may have trouble maintaining the level of effort it takes to be successful in our courses. Our advice: You need to cultivate good time management and independent study habits to ensure your success over the long term in either our online or traditional on-campus programs.

No- Then you don’t really know if the online program will work for you. Since you lack experience with an online method of learning, then you might be better suited to the traditional oncampus program. But, if you are still interested in the online program, it is highly recommended that you take an online course first to try the method out.  There are many general education courses (such as English, social sciences, humanities, math, etc.) available online that you can take at NOVA.  Take an entire semester course via the online method to see if you are comfortable with this method rather than a quick webinar.  A one hour webinar may not give you enough experience to know if the online program would work for you.  For more information about online learning in general, go to the NOVA website for the Extended Learning Institute.