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Natural & Applied Science Faculty & Staff

The following table shows a list of the Natural and Applied Sciences Division faculty. It is arranged by Course/Title.

Acting Division Dean Agnich, Joseph 703.450.2575
Accounting Jenkins, Kush 703.948.2789
Accounting Panchal, Rujuta 703.948.7714
Administrative Support Technology Davis, Carolyn 703.450.2578
Biology Backus, Dr. Gillian 703.948.7785
Biology Givens, Woodnard 703-404-7333
Biology Glick, Dr. Marv 703.450.2621
Biology, Assistant Dean Talwar, Dr. Malvika 703.948.2792
Biology Mucci, Dr. Diane 703.450.2510
Biology Rodgers, Dr. Paula 703.948.2790
Biology Terranova, Fred 703.450.2576
Biology Vutien, P. Chi 703.948.7754
Biotechnology, Program Head Mucci, Dr. Diane 703.450.2510
Business Management & Administration Brazie, Michael 703.450.2617
Business Management & Administration, Program Head Corrigan, Miguel 703.450.2615
Chemistry Jahangeri, Mitra 703.948.7783
Chemistry Mohan, Anita 703.948.7550


Perry, Edward


Chemistry, Assistant Dean Zamani, Maryam 703.450.2564
Computer Science, Program Head Davis, Carolyn 703.450.2578
Computer Science Anwari, Hashem 703.450.2610
Economics Creppy, Dr. Gbago (Edward) 703.450.2549
Economics, Assistant Dean Polcen, Michael 703.948.7702
Environmental Science Moskey, Kristyn 703.948.7790
Financial Services Corrigan, Miguel 703.450.2615
Geology Bour, William 703.450.2612
Geology Ikwuazorm, Okia 703.948.7584
Geology Straight, William 703.948.7750
Health Nicholson, Sandi 703-450-2613

Horticulture, Program Head Scheid, David 703.450.2614
Information Technology, Co-Program Head Davis, Carolyn 703.450.2578
Information Technology Anwari, Hashem 703.450.2610
Information Technology Chhetri, Chola 703.948.2788
Information Technology Hovell, John  703.948.7792 
Information Technology, Co-Program Head Dusek, Robert 703.450.2539
Information Technology Eichers, R. Timothy 703.948.7755
Information Technology Pitzer, Tierney 703.948.7657
Marketing, Program Head Corrigan, Miguel 703.450.2615
Mathematics Abdelbaki, Dr. Ala 703.450.2526
Mathematics Agnich, Joseph 703.948.7782
Mathematics Ahmadi, Sharis 703.948.7713
Mathematics Barr, Karen 703.450.2611
Mathematics Chouinard, Dr. Kevin 703.450.2618
Mathematics Debrecht, Johanna 703.404.7320
Mathematics, Assistant Dean Jacyna, Laura 703.450.2538
Mathematics Langdon, Lara  703.948.7793 
Mathematics Serbousek, Jane 703.450.2620
Mathematics Scalea, John 703.948.7700
Mathematics Victorine, Michael 703.948.7712
Mathematics Wallace, Michael 703.404.7319
Mathematics White, Dr. Tyler 703.948.7659

Natural Science

Backus, Dr. Gillian


Natural Science Matthews, Scott 703.450.2622

Physical Education, Assistant Dean

Nicholson, Sandra


Physical Education

Sborz, Nicholas


Physics Viale, Francesca
Veterinary Technology, Program Head, Online Program Aller, Dr. Mary Suzanne 703.450.2623
Veterinary Technology, Assistant Dean and Program Head, On-Campus Program Cockburn, Dr. Tregel 703.948.7741
Veterinary Technology Laubinger, Dr. Amy  703.948.7794 
Veterinary Technology Sinn, Dr. Leslie 703.450.2634

The following table shows a list of the support staff of the Natural and Applied Sciences Division. It is arranged by area of support.

Division Office Administrative Assistants, LR 303 Kathleen Blair, Office Manager 703.450.2575
  Pixie Calderwood 703.450.2575
  Peti Gallardo 703.450.2585 
Biology Lab Assistants, LS 103 Justina Ceja 703.450.2657
  Kyle Cervantes 703.948.7751
Chemistry Lab Assistant, LS 103 Rita Leffers 703.948.7743
Horticulture Lab Assistant, LS 103 Charles Bruce 703.948.7592
Math Center Instructor/Trainers, LR 204 Patricia Cole 703.450.2644
  Catherine Montero 703.450.2644
  Phi Phung Trinh 703.450.2644
Computer Lab Assistants, LW 228 Laurie Mergler 703.450.2521
  Jeremy Huntsinger  703.450.2518
  Joseph Walker 703.450.2521
Veterinary Technology Administrative Assistants, LD 101A Rachna Prakash 703.450.2525
  Linda Karol 703.450.2525
Veterinary Technology Lab Assistants, LA 104 Diane Schrenzel 703.450.2541
  Bonnie Webster 703.450.2541