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View of the Loudoun campus and the lake.

Loudoun Art Facilities

Painting/Drawing Studio

Painting and Drawing StudioThe painting and drawing studio is well-equipped with floor easels, drawing horses, sinks and track lighting. Large northern skylights offer great natural light. The storage room provides plenty of slots for students' paintings as well as drawing props.

Design Studio

Design StudioThe design studio is a large working studio space equipped with work tables, comfortable chairs, a sink and large north facing skylights as well as floor to ceiling windows. White boards and carpeted walls are used for demonstration and display. Book cases and shelving provide numerous storage options for design projects.

Printmaking Studio

Printmaking Studio The printmaking studio is equipped for intaglio, lithography, relief, papermaking and photo-printmaking. It has well-designed work areas with three etching presses and one lithography press, four large worktables, ample countertop space, and great lighting including northern skylights. Students can use the professional hotplate, chemical ventilation hoods with exhaust, inking station, graining rack for stones, flat files for storage, and a drying rack for wet prints.

The etching presses are a Brand with a 30”x16” press bed, an Ettan with a 48”x 24” press bed, and a Takach with a 64” x 34” press bed for large works. The lithography press is a Takach-Garfield with a 64”x 34” inch press bed. There are 19 lithography stones with two measuring 34” x 24”. The shop is also equipped with a hydraulic lift to shuttle stones.

Ceramics Studio

Ceramics StudioThe Ceramics Studio is equipped with 13 electric wheels, several large work tables for hand building and sculptural projects, individual storage space, and storage for works in progress. Equipment includes a slab roller, extruder, wedging tables, computer controlled electric kilns, and a portable raku kiln. Glazes, engobes and underglazes are made in-house.

Art History

The Art History program has a slide library of approximately 12,000 images. Faculty regularly use museum websites to augment their lectures. The classrooms have digital projectors and viewers.