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Arlington Mill High School Continuation Program

In the fall of 2008, the Arlington Mill High School Continuation Program moved from their Columbia Pike location to the Arlington Center. NOVA and Arlington Mill are collaborating to create a Middle College, a hybrid high school and college program. Arlington Mill offers an alternate way for students to earn a high school diploma. With the cooperation of NOVA, Arlington Mill students will be able to enroll in college courses, take classes in a college environment, and make the transition into higher education all while working to complete their high school diplomas. By sharing classroom space, library and student lounge space, NOVA and Arlington Mill have created an innovative environment for students to engage each other and the world.

Arlington Mill offers a flexible, affordable high school diploma program for students who want to improve English skills or pursue higher education. While students must pass SOL assessments and earn credits like at any traditional high school, Arlington Mill students can take classes at their own pace.

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Arlington Mill High School Continuation Program