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Distinctive Programs - Annandale

Explore the many areas of study, certificates, degrees and distinctive programs offered at Northern Virginia Community College's Annandale Campus.

Advanced Forensic Investigation
Expand your knowledge of the field of forensic investigation with a certificate from this program.

American Sign Language
Find a job in an educational or community setting as a certified sign language interpreter.

Architectural Technology
Enter the world of architecture, construction and urban design with a degree in architecture technology or architectural drafting.

Business Management Principles
Learn the business management information and skills needed to assume higher levels of management responsibility.

Cyber Security
Prepare for employment as a network security specialist or Internet security specialist.

English as a Second Language
Improve your communication skills with intensive and part-time reading, writing, speaking and pronunciation classes.

Fire Science
Find a job in fire protection as a firefighter, inspector, or fire prevention specialist with a degree from this program.

Hospitality Management
Learn about the fast-growing field of meeting and special event management or update your skills for your current job.

International Marketing
Improve your global marketing skills and advance your position with this concentration International Marketing.

National Security
Learn about the contemporary local, national, and global security issues, operations, and investigations affecting the United States.

Recreation and Parks
Get the credits you need to transfer to a baccalaureate program in Leisure Studies or Recreation and Parks. 

Learn more about these and other programs. View the college catalog.

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