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Second Life Campus - Annandale

KiosksSecond Life is an imaginary place for real people. In Second Life, people interact in a free, Web-based 3-D virtual environment through avatars. NOVA-Annandale is one of a growing number of higher education institutions that are now part of the Second Life community.

Having our own virtual campus in Second Life serves to:

  • Showcase NOVA and its great educational opportunities to the millions of people around the world who participate in Second Life
  • Provide academic and student services information to new and continuing NOVA students alike
  • Provide a place where NOVA classes can meet in real time without having to be in the same room
  • Give NOVA students a place to showcase course projects, give concerts, hold meetings or just hang out

Getting Started

Second Life accounts are free. For further details on how Second Life works, visit the Second Life website. Read our Getting Started guide for more detailed instructions.

Please Note: You must be 18 years of age or older in order to get an account. Before signing up for Second Life, please read the Second Life Policies and Guidelines very carefully, especially the Community Standards for behavior, including “Buyer Beware” and the PG/Mature/Adult ratings definitions.

Where in Second Life is the Annandale Campus?

You need an account and a Second Life viewer in order to visit our campus (see Getting Started instructions). Log into your Second Life account. Then:

  • Enter NOVA Annandale in the SEARCH command to locate our campus.
  • Or click on our SL URL: The SEARCH menu in your Second Life viewer will open and show a link to our campus.

Faculty and staff who want further information about using our Second Life campus should contact Judith Gustafson, Director of Information and Instructional Support Services, Annandale Campus at 703.764.7757 or