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New Student Services Building Opens on the Annandale Campus

Outside view of the CA Building.The new 90,000 square foot Student Services building is primarily designed to improve student access to the College and the Annandale Campus. The main entrance, located on the ground level adjacent to the faculty parking lot, is very inviting and contains displays emphasizing the energy saving, environmentally friendly characteristics of the building. The structure houses Admissions and Registration, Counseling, a significantly expanded Testing Center (placement), Financial Aid, Veterans’ Affairs, the International Center, Pathway to the Baccalaureate, Parking and NOVACard Services as well as the Campus Business Office, all on the same floor within easy access to all students. The Career and Transfer Center is also located on the first floor as is the very visible Welcome and Information Desk (WID). WID Staff have been specially trained in customer service in order to be well suited to assist anyone entering the building.

The second floor Barnes & Noble Bookstore contains a much anticipated 140 seat café serving Starbucks products, and the store itself is more than three times larger than the old location with expanded hours and services. The third floor has easy access to the existing campus, contains the Offices of the Dean of Students and the Campus Business Manager as well as a 110 seat amphitheater, five 50 seat classrooms and three 35 seat classrooms. Student study areas are spread throughout the building.

Spaces vacated by those functions moving to the new facility (designated as CA) are to be re-configured for a new Math Emporium, faculty offices, and resource areas, along with various student support functions, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and classroom environments (among other things).

The new Annandale Student Services Building is expected to significantly increase the delivery of services to everyone within the campus community as well as to those who desire to join.