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Natural Sciences

We offer courses in the biological sciences (NAS 150 and NAS 161-162) to our students who wish to pursue a health-related career in any of the Health Technologies programs. The specific course taken should be based on the requirements of the Health Technologies program in which the student plans to enroll or on the requirements of the four-year institution the student plans to attend.

We also offer courses to our students interested in the physical sciences of meteorology (NAS 125) and astronomy (NAS 130). NAS 125 and NAS 130 may be taken to fulfill a special interest or avocation, a science requirement for nonscience majors, for teacher certification or recertification or, in some cases (with prior approval), to fulfill a laboratory requirement for an Associate in Science Degree in Science.

Assistant DeanAdministrative Assistant
Dr. Mary Vander Maten
Phone: 703.323.3228
Office: CS 106
Sharon Finch
Phone: 703.323.3224
Office: CS 106