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Math, Science and Engineering Division

Division Dean Message

Welcome to the Mathematics, Science and Engineering Division home page for NOVA's Annandale Campus. We offer service courses in mathematics and sciences for the general education requirement. In addition, we offer Associate of Science degrees in Computer Science, Engineering, Engineering with an Electrical Engineering Specialization, Science and Science with a Mathematics Specialization.

Associate of Applied Science degrees are available in Architectural Technology, Computer and Electronics Technology and Engineering Technologies with Specializations in Drafting, Civil Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology. Certificates are also obtainable in Architectural Drafting, Electronics, Engineering Drafting Computer Aided Drafting and Design and Microcomputer Repair. The Mathematics, Science and Engineering Division has more than 4,000 full time equivalent students per year and offers upwards of 400 classes for the fall and spring semesters. Our division is the largest at Annandale, consisting of 48 full-time faculty members and 60 adjuncts. We account for 24 percent of the FTES on the campus.

Helpful Resources

Division Dean Associate Dean Administrative Assistant
Dr. Abe Eftekhari
Phone: 703.323.3109
Office: CS 208
Dr. Andrew Green
Phone: 703.425.5944
Office: CG 211-R
Connie Childress
Phone: 703.323.3109
Office: CS 206