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Welcome to the NOVA-Annandale Chemistry Department home page. Chemistry is the study of matter and serves as the foundation science for the study of the biological and medical sciences. Chemistry is concerned with the study of the physical properties, chemical properties and atomic changes of matter with the accompanying energy changes. Since everything in the universe is matter and energy, chemistry is necessary for an understanding of all aspects of the universe.

We offer a variety of courses designed to meet the academic and professional needs of a broad range of students.

  • General Chemistry courses CHM 101 and CHM 102 meet the needs of the liberal arts, general studies, business and nursing students.
  • Health Science Chemistry courses CHM 121 and CHM 122 serve the needs of the nursing, vet tech and allied health fields students.
  • College Chemistry courses CHM 111 and CHM 112 meet the needs of the engineering, pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-vet, pharmacy and related science majors students.
  • Organic Chemistry courses CHM 241 and CHM 242 teach organic chemistry theory and concepts.
  • Organic Chemistry lab courses CHM 245 and CHM 246 teach experimental organic chemistry.
Assistant Dean Administrative Assistant
Dr. Ben Wang
Phone: 703.323.3730
Office: CS 204A
Geraldine Clemons
Phone: 703.323.3113
Office: CS 204