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Why do religious people believe the things they believe? Why do they find certain symbols and stories meaningful and true? Why do they worship something beyond the human? NOVA's religious studies program tackles these and other unavoidable questions in our course of study.

We seek to provide our students with an exciting and intellectually stimulating approach to a sympathetic understanding of religion and how it affects life of human beings in our own and other cultures. Recognizing that religion has contributed to an enlightened way of thinking and living for the majority of those who devoutly practice it, we help provide our students with a solid foundation for an unbiased, academic study of religion.

Our program is designed for students who want to understand and evaluate the place of religion in his or her own history and in a culturally, pluralistic world, as well as for the student who wants to pursue advanced religious studies.

Assistant DeanAdministrative Assistant
John Ehle
Phone: 703.323.3082
Office: CN 202
Susan McGinnis
Phone: 703.323.3246
Office: CN 202