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Philosophy is the academic field in which we identify and ask questions about fundamental issues; the nature of reality and existence, knowledge and belief, morality and values. We offer courses which provide students the opportunity to involve themselves with these questions and issues at both the theoretical and practical levels. From an in-depth study of the thought of Socrates, Plato, Descartes and Kant, to a hands-on look at ethical issues involved in modern medical dilemmas, our students are challenged to logically analyze the underlying questions and concepts.

Our full-time and adjunct faculty all hold Ph.D degrees or the equivalent and are well-known for their professional accomplishments in teaching, research and scholarly activities.

Assistant DeanAdministrative Assistant
John Ehle
Phone: 703.323.3082
Office: CN 202
Susan McGinnis
Phone: 703.323.3246
Office: CN 202