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Physical Education

Physical Education offers a Fitness Career Studies Certificate, Adult Health & Development Program and a variety of fitness, dance and sports skill classes. Students are required to take two credits of physical education to graduate from NOVA. These requirements may be fulfilled by any of the following:

  • PED 116* - 2 credits Fitness & Wellness
  • PED 116* - 1 credit Fitness & Wellness and
    1 credit PED Activity Class or RPK Activity Class (RPK 205, 207, 208, 216 or 225)

* PED 220 is an acceptable substitution for PED 116 for students in RPK, PTA, Gerontology and Allied Health.

Off Campus Meeting Sites
If you are enrolled in a PED activity class that meets off campus, the first class will meet on campus. During this meeting, detailed information regarding the off campus location will be provided. Off campus activities generally meet at the following locations:


Helpful Resources

Assistant Dean Administrative Assistant
Dr. Susan Thompson
Phone: 703.323.3235
Office: CM 342B
Nancy Minogue
Phone: 703.323.3114
Office: CM 342B