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Humanities courses are some of the most intellectually stimulating courses in the curriculum. They are electives that satisfy the Humanities Elective requirements in several degree programs offered by the college.

The most popular humanities course offered on several of our campuses is the two-semester sequence entitled The Survey of Western Culture I-II. This course offers a cross-discipline study of the great ages of culture in the West from the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans of the Ancient World to the most up-to-date creations of the Twentieth Century -- the work of international gurus of the 'modern' style, such as Andy Warhol, I. M. Pei, Alfred Hitchcock, Bob Dylan and Martin Luther King. All the humanistic disciplines of an age are relevant for study and scrutiny: art, architecture, music, philosophy, history, dance, literature, religion, film and photography.

Other exciting courses bearing the humanities prefix are offered as well, such as Mythology in Literature and the Arts, Great Books I-II and The Survey of Asian Culture I-II. Any student who enrolls in a humanities class will find the experience personally rewarding and life-enhancing.

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