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World Languages


Students seeking the Associate in Arts degree are required to show proficiency in a world language at the intermediate level. Students who have never studied a world language must take the 101 and 102 courses in their language in order to proceed to the intermediate level (201 and 202).

The degree requirements list 6 credits of world language, reflecting only the intermediate courses. Students who have previously studied a world language may begin at the intermediate level (201-202 courses). However, they should consult with a world language faculty member to determine appropriate course placement.

Arabic, French, German and Spanish students may be asked to take a short placement test in the Testing Center (CG 402) to determine their level. Students who have been out of school for several years may prefer to start with a 101 course.

Please contact the department at 703.323.3485 or x2138 to set up an appointment to discuss placement and course selection.

Assistant Dean Administrative Assistant
Ana Burke
Phone: 703.323.2128
Office: CT 220
Leslie Czaplicki
Phone: 703.323.2138
Office: CT 220