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Welcome to the Annandale Campus English Department

With nearly 75 full-time and adjunct faculty offering more than 200 classes each semester, the English Department at Annandale is the largest department in the NOVA system. This size allows us to offer a wide variety of courses that reflect the interests and expertise of our diverse faculty.

During any given semester, we offer more than a dozen elective courses, with topics ranging from American literature and British literature to science fiction and mythology. We are constantly developing new literature and writing courses to address the needs and interests of our student body. All of our classes are offered at a variety of times and in a variety of formats, including hybrid and distance.

As you decide which courses to take, have a look at our faculty web sites, many of which describe our individual interests and provide course details and sample syllabi. If you have any questions about our courses, feel free to contact individual faculty members or Mary Atkins, Administrative Assistant, at

Helpful Resources

Assistant DeanAdministrative Assistant
Jean Dubro
Phone: 703.323.3080
Office: CN 226 F
Mary Atkins
Phone: 703.323.3193
Office: CN 226

Cheri L. Spiegel
Phone: 703.323.4212
Office: CN 226 D