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ASL Language Lab and Club

Language Lab

We are very proud of our state of the art language lab here at NOVA.  It is located in CT 123 on the Annandale Campus.  The facility provides 10 work stations and allows students to work independently or allows the teacher to transmit video material to all 10 workstations simultaneously.  Each station is equipped with individual headsets that allow students to record both audio and video of themselves.  It also serves as one of our classrooms.  Most of our interpreting classes and many of our advanced ASL classes meet in the Lab. This allows students and teachers to make use of this wonderful facility during class time.

The lab also has open hours which change on a semester-to-semester basis.  The lab assistants are typically Deaf individuals who can not only assist with technology, but can provide students with opportunities to interact with native users of the language.  During the Lab’s open hours, students are expected to use ASL (or gestures/written English if they are unable to fully communicate in ASL).  Students are ALWAYS expected to use sign language (to the best of their ability) when a Deaf person is present, even if the Deaf person is not a party to the conversation.

Our ASL Language Lab Hours depends on our Lab Assistant’s schedules each semester.  Check the bulletin board outside of CT 123 for specific times.

ASL Club

There is also a very active ASL Club on the Annandale campus.  All students interesting in ASL/ Interpreting/ Deaf Studies, both Deaf and hearing, are invited to join us.  The club meets on Tuesdays at the Starbucks on Little River Turnpike in Old Town Fairfax and also organizes numerous other social and athletic events.  For more information, please contact Brian Leffler at