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The accounting curriculum is designed for persons who seek employment in the accounting field, or for those presently working in the accounting field who desire to increase their knowledge and update their skills.

The two broad areas of accounting are financial and managerial. Financial accounting is concerned with reporting the results of operations of the company to external users such as investors and lenders. Managerial accounting (cost accounting) focuses on providing reports for internal use by management in making operating decisions. The occupational objectives include accounting trainee, accounting technician, junior accountant and accountant. We have one assistant dean for accounting and four full-time faculty members as well as numerous adjunct instructors, all of whom have extensive experience in government and the business community.

NOVA has formal articulation agreements for transfer to the B.S. in Management at National Louis University, the B.S. in Accounting at Strayer University, and the B.S. in Business Education at Virginia Tech.

NOTE:  If you plan to transfer to a four year university to major in accounting, you will need to complete the requirements for the Business Administration Associate of Science degree.

Assistant Dean Administrative Assistant
Thomas Marsh, CPA
Phone: 703.323.3180
Office: CC 122B
Sandra Sweitzer
Phone: 703.323.2426
Office: CC 122